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When I was young – like you are now – I found an Old World safe. It just nestled there in the trash, lost and forgotten, a trove of infinite possibilities for a naïve mind. What secrets must it guard, I wondered. I was still wrestling the lock on the next day while visions of wealth danced through my head. Tech. Heads. A clue toward a more glorious find. Excited that I had discovered escape from a waster’s life, I toiled on. And finally, it surrendered.

You don’t need to ask the contents – I’m sitting right in front of you, dirty, dressed in rags, bone and world weary. That’s what Ruin does to a man. Hurls a world of dust and broken dreams their way, tormenting with an occasional treasure – tech, myths, an uncracked safe – but each a false a hope. Even had my discovery been stuffed with riches, Ruin would still be Ruin. And the day after, and the day after…

So how did Earth, world of freedom and prosperity, become Ruin? I can’t tell you, no more honestly than I could tell you the date. Because I don’t know. Someone out there might, maybe. But like as not any theories you hear are just that. There are plenty of ideas floating around: nuclear holocaust, divine wrath, meteor falls. Only thing we know for certain is the aftermath.

Our Ruin – a world of badlands and toxic jungles teamed by the down-trodden. Constant war between the scant settlements and raiders, crazed beasts and corrupted Old World mechs. Men and women united only by hatred for The Marked and Radio Freaks. Humans of every shape scrounging for one more head – not for wealth, not for shelter, but just to buy one more dose of R.E.M.. A drug our only escape from a species wide psychosis called The Fright, a mysterious derangement that keeps one and all from escaping into a simple night’s sleep. And each of us struggling to survive just one more day, sifting through yesteryear’s trash, and constantly searching for hope that might lay just over a horizon that never draws near.

~Elder Elijah

Welcome to Rapture & Ruin, a post-apocalyptic setting based on modern and future Earth where the treasures of yesterday are both the boons and curses of tomorrow. In R&R the GM and players will discover a world sculpted by humanity’s most basic instincts, spiced by the presence of functioning – and malfunctioning – technology. Civilization is a novel concept in a lawless time when the community is the minority and might makes right.

R&R features a plethora of new game features, including new gaming concepts that allow anyone to integrate their favorite RPG into this setting, as well as bring life to a fresh world. Due to R&R’s darker element, the various races and classes will find themselves subject to true social issues such as racism and prejudice. The Marked and Radio Freaks are hated individuals among the suspicious mobs, and often find themselves subject and source of violent hunts.

R&R breaks previously established molds that acclimatize an RPG’s content to a setting by wholly disregarding any form of equivalent or replacement system. Instead R&R utilizes a new method called the Skin System. This new model encourages GMs and players to think beyond the classic flavor of fantasy games and invest imagination and effort into every aspect of the NPCs and PCs to create memorable figures that cannot be found anywhere else. In spirit of that pursuit, R&R engages several systems to reward players for their contributions.

The following are recommended for reference for setting atmosphere: The Book of Eli (movie), Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (video game), Escape from New York (movie), Escape from L.A. (movie), Fallout (video game), Fallout 2 (video game), Fallout 3 (video game), Fallout New Vegas (video game), Mad Max (movie), Mad Max Road Warrior (movie), Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (movie), The Postman (movie), The Road (movie), and Terminator Salvation (movie), among others.

Rapture & Ruin

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