Rapture & Ruin

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Miryam's Journal

Nil’s gone.

The town’s still there, the buildings still standing, the walls still proud, and its wealth of water beneath still remains . . . but the people that made it what it was, they’re gone. Some vehicle tracks, some journals and audio logs, and some bodies — Elder Elijah died in my arms — told a tale of heartless betrayal. Chief Ward, bought by raiders, opened the gates, apparently just for a bit of cash. The guy who was apparently so set on being Foreman was in reality just set on selling the Foreman and the rest of us into slavery.

As luck would have it, we got some info — we know Ward’s out there. We have the name of a raider: Carmichael. And we know that the Foreman had some clue we didn’t suck, and that Elijah told Constantine that we reminded him of the Hand, whatever that means.

We also know that Jessica had a thing for Rubbish and that apparently James Santangelo was wayyyy more into me than I expected. If he’s alive when we find him and if he survives my kicking his ass so hard he has to stick his head in the toilet to take a shit, we will have to find him a woman.

We also may find out something from this female raider when she wakes up. Oh, I hope we do. She and her buddies thought they could just come back and take even more, but they didn’t plan on us being there. Ward didn’t think we’d survive, but not only did we live, we may survive long enough to make damn sure he regrets this.



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