Rapture & Ruin

Rooster Field Expedition

Miryam's Journal

Constantine rolled up on his motorcycle just after the fight with the mechs . . . his junkyard mechs, apparently, used to make all the tech he has in his tower. Was going to shoot all of us except Dante until we mentioned that Elijah sent us; was probably still going to shoot Twelve eventually until he decided he liked Twelve’s feet. He gave us some more information on Rooster Field, and had a handy emitter that reflects many mechs’ programming back on them, telling them they’ve done their job on things within its radius. He has one he uses on himself, but had a spare for us. Constantine indirectly hinted several times that he’s not a normal human, and possibly not human at all, but whatever. Explains how he’s been sitting there for 50+ years, and as long as he does his job, it’s cool I guess; he’s kind of a laconic dickbag toughguy so it’s just as well that he’s not been in Nil in the history of ever. Why aren’t other people ever happy to see us, even though we are doing a good job and saving the whole fucking town? If Constantine’s such a badass AND has time to take motorcycle jaunts around for whatever, why isn’t HE getting the water filtration chip? Also fuck Elijah for not radioing ahead. What is wrong with these people?

Got a nice robotic headband Constantine had lying around; don’t know what he meant for it to do, but it seems to give me a little bit more focus when trying to shake stuff off. Constantine also said that Rooster Field attracts all defective mechs within some massive radius, which explains why it is crawling with them.

And crawling with them it was. Rooster Field was as frightening as promised and then some. FUCK MECHS EVERYWHERE FUCK, and one false move out of the signal’s radius and we were dead meat (tried it with the concentration trick I learned — blasted instantly). The place was some sort of factory, I guess, before our brave new world; we found some ancient PDAs along the way that suggested the mechs they’d ordered to save a little on human resources ended up costing them ALL of their human resources when the mechs just went berserk on them. Some of the mechs weren’t fooled by Constantine’s little device, and they were definitely tougher. Dog mechs — with FUR, for fuck’s sake, how does that happen? — and corrupted maintenance bots and mining bots proved to be the most challenging.

At least until the end, anyway. I’m still finding spots of drying blood — my blood — stiffening my clothes. We activated the stasis pod and after that it’s a shuddering blur of blood and pain and dirt. The control hologram had some kind of neural control device that could force us to attack each other or run off out of the safety of Constantine’s signal device, and we couldn’t get out of its attack range without leaving that signal radius voluntarily. There was literally nothing we could do except bleed and die. Last thing I remember of the fight was getting a blast from that thing right in the head. I don’t know how, but luckily I came to and the thing was dead, but Dante and Cody were bleeding out on the ground. We pumped them with healing potions and did CPR and everything we could to bring them back, then dragged our sorry asses into that stasis pod for a much-needed rest . . . and for this here diary entry while the others sleep. Except Twelve, who doesn’t sleep. He’s been handy, but it’s just as well I learned how to get rest through meditation, since it’s an extra-bright idea to keep an eye on mechs.



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