Aaron Wilks

Barbara Wilks' Son


Physical Description: Aaron stands 6’2, with broad shoulders, and ever-present cocky smirk. He wears white tee-shirts which all sport permanent motor oil and grease stains, and blue jeans with denim patches on the knees and ankles. His red-blonde hair is cut short, and parted on the side.


Aaron Wilks is the son of Chief Engineer Barbara Wilks. While inheriting her work ethic, he’s far more social, less intellectual, and as a result more liked in the Nil community than his mother. For the majority of his youth, Aaron tried to follow in his mother’s footsteps, but continuously falls short. After so many setbacks, and failed attempts to mimic his mother’s engineering genius, he changed direction, and diversified his views toward science and medicine, and began working for Quartermaster.

Goals: Aaron hopes to one day find a way for Nil to not rely upon the Caravans and their REM shipments. To this end he’s studied medicine and science exhaustively, and started to consider venturing into the wastes to find some information on how to reproduce it in Nil.

Views on other residents:

Barbara Wilks: How do you expect me to feel about my mom? I mean, she takes care of the need for water. If not for her, this place would have broken down twenty times a week. She’s more of a mother to the town than she has been to me, but I swear once I’m done I’ll be as indispensable to this town as she is.

Charles Foreman: Old man says he’s in charge, and I guess he has a right, since he’s kept so many folks together. He’s good for settling differences, but he hasn’t done anything to keep us from those extorting caravans. Business as usual might end up killing us all.

Elijah Conrade: He’s good for a tall tale or two, but half the stuff comes outta his mouth is lies. Reality’s weird enough without his BS clogging my mind.

Gregory Ward: Ward’s a prick. He’s got his badge so far up his ass you can see copper when he laughs. Sure he keeps the place safe, but I’ve seen him threaten a guy with a shotgun for hitting on Jessica. Guy’s got the Foreman’s job in his eye something bad.

James Santangelo: Guy’s built or fixed everything in the town, but damned if he hasn’t hit on every girl in town. He’s getting desperate; even hit on a few guys before they hit their growth spurts.

Jessica Foreman: Being Foreman’s daughter made her grow up a spoiled little princess, but since she started dating Cody she’s been a lot more tolerable. Stacy’s had us work together a couple of times, but we’ve been too busy to really talk about more than work.

Stacy Harden: Since I quit working for mom, Stacy’s been my boss. She’s nicer, and more patient than mom ever was, though from what I hear that’s not saying much. Still, I’d rather work for her than just about anyone else in Nil.

Wayne Kenwood: Wayne’s worked with mom for years. He works harder than the rest of the town combined, and is the whole reason we get REM and food. The only problem is he’s the only one knowledgeable enough to fix up half the machines that run this town. If he were to ever pass away, Nil would be up shit’s creek.

Aaron Wilks

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