A beautiful blonde with a handgun the size of a handbag!


Barbi is not your typical Nil resident. She’s not close-minded or suspicious, but curious and bold (or reckless). Her mother, once an itinerant performer, drifted into Nil about twenty years ago and has stayed ever since, setting up flower shop.

Barbi doesn’t know much about her mother’s life as a traveling entertainer and her mother likes to keep it that way. But what her mother doesn’t realize (or just doesn’t want to admit) is that her daughter has inherited her talents and then some. Barbi has a voice that few can resist and a secret desire to learn more about the world around her and turn it into a story or a song.

Barbi spends her days working in her mother’s shop, but in her free time, she secretly practices her skills, usually without an audience, dreaming of the days when she will have one.


Rapture & Ruin Zdenko