Charles Foreman

The Foreman


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Foreman
Place of Origin: Nil
Age: 78
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Tone: Fair
Figure: Frail


The Foreman is the “mayor” of Nil who is ultimately responsible for both the old quarry and settlement. The name of Foreman has become something of a title in the village, and is passed onto each new Foreman – which is not a familial inheritance, though Nil’s history is rife with conveniences such as the former Foreman’s daughter marrying the newly appointed Foreman. Charles Foreman is a hard man due to having served as Nil’s head for nearly fifty years. The only time a smile lights his wizened face is when in the presence of his young daughter Jessica. Otherwise the old leader is as hard chiseled in mind and soul as the stone Nil quarries.

Charles Foreman

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