Mysterious Watchman


Gender: Male
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Watchman
Place of Origin: Nil
Age: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Skin Tone: Unknown
Figure: Unknown


Constantine is a mysterious figure who man’s one of Nil’s southerly watchtowers, however he never leaves – rather than maintain the tower in six month shifts as the others are managed – or allows anyone to visit him by means of convenient disappearance whenever anyone tries. His updates are sent via carrier pigeon, though it’s believed that Chief Ward and the watchman could communicate via radio in an emergency. There are sketchy rumors floating around the village that Constantine is in fact the same man whom arrived with Elder Elijah so many decades ago, but whenever confronted directly Elijah settles into stubborn silence. Simple mathematics contradict the rumor, as it would dictate Constantine’s age to be at least 80, and The Foreman and Chief Ward would never allow the man to stand as sentinel between Nil and Rooster Field. The only thing the Nillers know for certain is that Constantine once engaged in activities that greatly antagonized The Abolition of The Ten, which is probably why his presence is maintained with the highest levels of secrecy.


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