Elijah Conrade

Village Elder


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: Village Elder
Place of Origin: Nil
Age: 90
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Tone: Fair
Figure: Frail


Sort of The Foreman’s diametric opposite, The Elder is the oldest man in Nil and by far the most experienced – if his stories are true. A wastelander for most of his life, Elijah wandered Ruin and experienced the world before he and his companion – sometimes rumored to be the mysterious Constantine – one day arrived at the remote village. His companion departed almost immediately, but Elijah, perhaps attracted by the small town’s old world values and tight communal practices, decided to stay. Ever since he has been a source of unity, especially for children, who would gather whenever able to listen to Elijah’s wild tales of the world beyond Nil. And each tale is matched by The Foreman’s ire as he discourages Elijah for putting fanciful thoughts of adventure and abandonment into Nil’s small population – but some believe the old Foreman is simply jealous for not being able to reach the people with Elijah’s ease.

Elijah Conrade

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