Henry Montgomery

New Confederation President


Gender: Male
Race: Human
Occupation: President
Place of Origin: New Richmond
Age: 51
Hair Color: Balding/Grey
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Fair
Figure: Average


The most recent president of the The New Confederation, Henry Montgomery is a man of influence, responsibility, and sports a stern attitude to match. He knows that the relatively young country is always on the verge of collapse, and could be destroyed by a single natural disaster, the defection of a single settlement as a catalyst, or the rescinded support of The Repentant to Jehovah. He takes these dangers very seriously and has grown progressively sterner in his later years, but he still harbors a genuine wish to help those people beneath The New Confederation’s umbrella. The county’s recent campaign of exploration and expansion into the American west is his method for achieving greater stability and wealth for his people. Unfortunately his Senate and advisors don’t always agree. But Henry Montgomery toils on, adopting his predecessors’ mentality of personal responsibility for each individual Confederate.

Henry Montgomery

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