Defected Scavenger


Short. Ugly. Out of sight. He’s Rubbish. Unwanted from birth because of his diminutive size, Rubbish grew up on the streets of Nil. There he learned from an early age how to be seen only when he wanted to and how to talk his way out of things when he couldn’t hide.

He also scavenged an old rifle, using it to hunt rats and other “dinners.” The need for food gave him all the motivation he needed to become a crack shot.

But hiding and hunting are not what fulfill a man, even a shrunken mutant like Rubbish. Rubbish, as his name implied, also likes trash – at least, what other people in Nil consider trash. To him, its full of possibilities. You never know what you will get.

Today he’s the town’s garbage collector. It hasn’t earned him much respect, but its given him a place, a purpose. He’s always collecting and sorting, looking for that special something. But he’s starting to think that Nil might not be the place where he’ll find it…


Rapture & Ruin Zdenko