Sin was an orphan found in the wastes by a passing Pinkerton Caravan. When they passed through Nil they decided it was best to leave the child they had found with the Nillers as it was much too dangerous out in the wastes for a child to be with the caravan. The Nillers were wary of Sin at first as he was quite obviously a Mutant, his most normal feature was his blonde hair. His skin was a slight tint of gray, bearing hints of green and purple below his elbows down to his hands. But it was his eyes that gave them all pause, they were the color of blood and when angered his eyes would even glow a bright crimson.

Still despite these physical shortcomings Sin made himself useful to the Nillers. He worked harder and longer than any of the other children, and would volunteer himself for any job available. To Nillers he showed great focus and discipline, and it was this same focus that gave rise to his hidden potential. As the years passed Sin began to notice a strange power stirring within him. In his free time and far away from prying eyes on the outskirts of Nil he nurtured this power and practiced unarmed fighting techniques he had gotten as a remnant of he old world from a passing pinkerton caravan. Life was looking good for the time being.

As the years passed Sin decided to join Ward’s militia and make use of his abilities, another opportunity to show the Nillers his worth. In no time Sin became one of Wards top militiamen, trusted with pathfinding and rescue missions others would only deem as suicidal. No matter the odds, Sin always returns.

The Duel Remnant

The Duel Remnant is what Sin calls the gauntlet he wears on his right arm. It has no real functions other than appearing to be a high tech device that he claims is the source of his power. It also serves as his Ki Focus though he can fight just as will with or without it. His fighting style makes heavy use of the Duel Remnant in his right hand and a pistol in his left.
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