Saint Renatus

Repentance Founder


Gender: Unknown but presumed male
Race: Unknown but presumed human
Place of Origin: Unknown
Age: Deceased
Hair Color: Unknown but often depicted as bald
Eye Color: Unknown but often depicted as green
Skin Tone: Unknown but often depicted as sunburned
Figure: Unknown but often depicted as emaciated


Sometime after the apocalypse one unknown man gathered many people to himself and educated them in the ways of Old World Christianity and explained that the world had been destroyed as a punishment to mankind’s unfaithful. The truly devout, he said, had been beloved and ascended to Heaven to live with their divine Father, while the unfaithful were foresworn and sentenced to exist upon a shattered world that was once God’s very gift to mankind. The worst of the unfaithful had been stripped of their very humanity, continued the nameless man, and were cursed to carry The Mark of the Beast. He called this series of events The Rapture. Then he preached of hope for mankind, and explained that if all humanity repented for their sins – especially the mass dependency and virtual worship of advanced technology, which he accused was false idolatry – then God would return and embrace his wayward children. Only The Marked were so forsaken as to be beyond redemption, and it was every faithful man and woman’s duty to see these warped people rejected and slain. Such was his passion and the vulnerability of the new Ruiners that his doctrine spread far and wide. Now, centuries later, The Rapture has been adopted as the proper name for the apocalypse and the his religion lives on through The Repentant to Jehovah who call him Saint Renatus and, to a more extreme and twisted extent, The Abolition of The Ten.

Saint Renatus

Rapture & Ruin Thereal