W2-M5 "Gunblade"

Multi-purpose Tech-Weapon

weapon (melee)

The W2-M5 has all the statistics of a melee weapon of the player’s choice, while its ammunition magazine has all the statistics of a ranged weapon of the player’s choice.

It requires 1 minor action to draw the w2-M5 in either form, 1 minor action to transform it, and 1 minor action to either insert or remove the magazine. Thus, the W2-M5 will always require the equivalent number of actions to draw and/or swap from melee to ranged weaponry, or vice versa.


The Multipurpose Assault Weapon 2 – Mach 5, or W2-M5 “gunblade” is a sleek and efficient weapon that suits the demands of both melee and ranged combat. Armed with both ballistic and energy ammunition ports, the weapon is capable of firing an adaptable array of ordinance, and quickly transforms via electronic internal motors into a deadly, razor-edged sword for close combat. The weapon’s greatest flaw is its inability to transform while either ammunition port is occupied.

The W2-M5 is the most widely used, and highest quality, model of “gunblade” floating around Ruin. It is widely believed to have served as a military weapon in the Old World due to its multi-purpose reliability, ease of use, and electronic – as opposed to manual – transformation. The W2-M5 can be easily maintained by anyone versed in technical maintenance.

W2-M5 "Gunblade"

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