Official Trade Currency


Heads serve as Ruin’s money.

1 Paper Head = 1 cp or .01 gp
5 Paper Heads = 5 cp or .05 gp
10 Paper Heads = 1 sp or .1 gp
25 Paper Heads = 2.5 sp or .25 gp
50 Paper Heads = 5 sp or .5 gp
100 Paper Heads = 10 sp or 1 gp
1 Copper Head = 1 gp
5 Silver Heads = 5 gp
10 Silver Heads = 10 gp or 1 pp
20 Silver Heads = 20 gp or 2 pp
50 Silver Heads = 50 gp or 5 pp
1 Golden Head = 10 pp or 1 ep


Heads come in two forms – metal coins and paper strips. Each is marked with a value, one through one-hundred and the profiled face of a middle-aged man. Each denomination bears a different man.

Heads serve as the accepted monetary standard for the people of Ruin, and can be found in every settlement across the wastes. Many ill-fated adventures have been motivated by the search for more heads, as the people believe wealth brings happiness.

Many people believe that heads were once the currency of the Old World, and there are even some rumors that the paper money was more highly valued than the metal coins. Even if that were true, the Ruiners seem to have more sense, since paper money can be torn, faded, and burned. Coins endure, and so Ruin places them first.


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