Non-prescription Sleep Aid


Effect: The character may sleep effectively for the hours desired, and regain Encounter and Daily Powers, as well as Healing Surges.
Weight: n/a
Cost: n/a


R.E.M. is powerful coma inducing narcotic that renders the user unconscious for periods respective to the amount used. It must be injected into the neck via syringe and is known to be agonizingly painful until unconsciousness finally takes the user. To date it is the only known treatment for The Fright.

No one knows where R.E.M. comes from, only that the various caravans of Ruin, especially Pinkerton Caravans, hold a monopoly on the supply. Many unfortunate Ruiners have attempted to discover the mysterious source of the drug, but thus far all have failed and the caravans haven’t betrayed their secret.


Rapture & Ruin Thereal