Bestiary of Ruin

As if Ruin’s wastes and wilderness aren’t bad enough, the world is nest to countless predators. Mutated beasts, corrupted mechs, predatory plants, blood thirsty raiders, or just good old fashioned Abolitioners – you name it, Ruin has it. If the environment doesn’t kill you, something else will.

~Elder Elijah

Corrupted Holos
Corrupted Mechs
Hyper Holos
Mutated Beasts
Mutated Insects

House Rule
Rapture & Ruin lacks official monster content. Instead a GM may select any monster from his or her preferred RPG and apply a Skin. In this way a monster may be used wherever and however a GM desires, from giant insects in a warren to corrupted mechs in a derelict factory. There is not an official format for skin applications – meaning that a skinned humanoid may not be a humanoid below the hood. GMs should note that in RPGs that use monster knowledge checks, it is more appropriate to assign a knowledge type respective to the creature’s Skin and not the base monster. (Example: Becky wishes to identify a mutant raider – which is a Skinned mind flayer. She would make a Nature check, and not a Dungeoneering check.) This will not affect knowledge skill balance so long as the GM keeps the Skin-to-knowledge checks consistent.

Bestiary of Ruin

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