Factions of Ruin

A long time ago, I met a man. Hated him at first, the ruthless bastard, he didn’t care about anyone’s life except his own. Then I watched him save a young girl from some raiders, almost died in the process. Later I asked him why, and he explained that the girl was innocent – she hadn’t yet had a chance to choose to be unworthy of life. I’ll never forget that. Point is, people think differently than each other, see different worlds around them. But then they find a similar cause, something to fight for, and it forms bonds stronger than blood.

~Elder Elijah

The Abolition of The Ten
The New Confederation
Pinkerton Detective and Caravan Service
The Repentant to Jehovah
Los Reyos del Sol
The Triad

World Builder’s Address
The organizations described above are not the only that exist within R&R and should not impede the imaginative creation of more.

Factions of Ruin

Rapture & Ruin Thereal