Glossary of Ruin

One day, when I still little, my friends and I were playing Marked and Mutants on the edge of town. We stopped when a bloodied man stumbled from the wastes and collapsed. He could only rasp, “Get the PDCS… PDCS… south…” And then he died. But we didn’t know what the PDCS was, so we went to our parents and asked. They knew. Turns out the dead man was a caravaneer and his team was attacked by Abolitioners south of our little town. Also turned out that if The Pinkertons had got out there ten minutes earlier, they might have saved some people. Point is, when a man speaks, you better know what he’s talking about.

~Elder Elijah

The Abolition: Casual name for The Abolition of The Ten.
The Abolition of The Seventh: The original name of The Abolition of The Ten.
Confederates: Term for the people of The New Confederation.
Corrupted Mech: Any form of mechanized automaton, including Mechanized Humanoids, with degraded software and/or hardware that displays open hostility.
Defect: Casual name for Defected Humans.
The Fright: A freak psychosis evolved into all mankind, from Humans to the Marked Humans. That prevents recuperative sleep. Each individual experiences The Fright differently as terrifying hallucinations, unexplainable tremors, migraines, and many other incarnation. Some academics suspect The Fright might be genetic memories of The Rapture that surface during a person’s quietest moments, but cannot be certain. The only current treatment is [[:r.e.m.]]
Hyper-Mech: Any sentient mechanized automaton more advanced than Mechanized Humanoids, known to be highly dangerous, but not necessarily aggressive.
Los Reyos: Casual name for Los Reyos del Sol.
Marked: Casual name for Marked Humans, as established by The Repentant to Jehovah in reference to The Mark of the Beast.
The Mark of the Beast: The source of the Marked Humans’ severe mutations, according to The Repentant to Jehovah.
Mech: A broad term to any mechanized automaton, regardless of form and function.
Mutant: Casual name for Mutated Humans.
The New Con: Casual term for The New Confederation.
Niller: Term for the citizens of Nil.
The Old World: Earth, or what the Ruiners believe it to once have been. Now the Old World is a vague reference to a better time and place.
PDCS: Anachronism for Pinkerton Detective and Caravan Service.
The Pinkertons: Casual name for Pinkerton Detective and Caravan Service.
Radio Freaks: Derogatory name for Radioactive Humans
The Rapture: The name used by Saint Renatus for the destructive event or events that killed Earth and birthed Ruin. Widepsread efforts and impassioned rhetoric has led to the broad adoption of the term. The Repentant to Jehovah preaches that the Rapture was God’s reaping of the faithful, whom were ascended to Heaven, while the unfaithful remainder was sentenced to existence on a newly forsaken world.
The Reboot: A mass seek-and-destroy mission executed by The Abolition of The Ten in their youngest days. The target was whatever Old World tech and knowledge that still survived after The Rapture. The result was thorough destruction of the sum of mankind’s accumulated knowledge.
Repentance: The religion practiced by The Repentant to Jehovah, and to a lesser extent The Abolition of The Ten.
Ruiner: Term for any denizen of Ruin.
Tandem Hospitality Law: The law in X-Co City that requires citizens to accommodate visiting merchants.
Tech: A broad term for any technology.
Waster: Casual term for a Ruiner that lives in the wilderness instead of one of the major settlements.

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This is a working dictionary that can be expanded upon to catalogue any new term introduced to the R&R setting.

Glossary of Ruin

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