Languages of Ruin

The Rapture changed everything about our world – geography, economy, and culture. All over the world people are defined by their traditions, and language is central to that. But when the people died, the texts were burned, and the terminals were hunted and destroyed by crazed fanatics, we lost it all. The remains congealed and blended into something new, something born of Ruin. Bastard languages with no place in history – just a new way for a raider to demand your heads or your life.

~Elder Elijah

Amenglish: After American had evolved so far beyond English that it was a language unto itself, it continued to annex the dialects of Portuguese and Spanish spoken throughout Central and South America. Defined more by regional lingo and colloquialisms, the tongue’s three progenitors no longer resemble their original formats. Amenglish is the most widely spoken language across Ruin and is most commonly found in the Americas.
Regions: Central America, North America, South America

Arabic: One of the oldest languages spoken around the world, Arabic survived The Rapture and continues to remain unmolested and still dominates throughout south-western Asia and north-eastern Africa.
Regions: The Middle-East

Latin: An ancient language said to be near extinction even in the Old World, it was rediscovered and rekindled by The Repentant to Jehovah. Today it serves as their primary language and is closely guarded as a holy secret from outsiders.
Factions: The Abolition of The Ten, The Repentant to Jehovah

New Celtic: New Celtic is the reunion of the various languages born from old Gaelic spoken by the barbarous peoples of north-western Europe. Though it is as direct and unpolished as its original incarnation, the young language’s elements of English, Gaelic, German, Icelandic, and Swedish afford expressive levity to rival Amenglish. And that is a good feature to help defuse – or antagonize – the uncivilized peoples that command the language.
Regions: North-western Europe

Pacific: The seafaring peoples of Polynesia were the first to attempt trade and therefore spread their tongue post-Rapture, but were unable to keep Hawaiian, Japanese, and Korean elements from pervading the language. The resulting format was Pacific, the second most dominant speech on Ruin.
Regions: The Pacific Rim

Romic: French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese were too global to fall victim to The Rapture, but unable to maintain separation among the earliest Ruin tribes of western and central Europe, and so gradually coalesced into Romic. Spoken by the regions that once claimed a romantic language as their own, Romic covers the western-half of Europe.
Regions: Western Europe

Sing: Sing is the only surviving dialect of Chinese to endure beyond The Rapture. An estranged derivative of Cantonese, Sing is spoken in Singapore and by those brave enough to explore and settle the badlands, jungles, and mountains of eatsern and central Asia.
Regions: Asia

Slavic: An evolution of Greek and Russian, Slavic, like Aracbic, has been spoken for centuries and continues to survive even passed The Rapture – though the apocalypse caused wider adoption of the tongue to replace most eastern-European languages.
Eastern Europe: Eastern Europe

House Rule
R&R uses its own rules regarding language selection. A character generated for R&R is assigned one or two languages – the first is their regional language, the second is their factional language. If a character does not have a faction, they only have their regional language, which serves to replace Common. When and if a character joins a faction during play, they gain fluency in the respective language upon their next completed level. (Example: Buck is a level 5 character who joins The Repentant to Jehovah. He will gain fluency in Latin at level 6.) Common does not exist in R&R.

To accommodate for the network loss of spoken languages, characters receive a +1 circumstance bonus per lost language when making social checks against an NPC from their own region. (Example: Becky is a Half-Elf under the hood, and should speak common, elven, and another language of her choice. Her regional language replaces Common, and she entirely loses Elven and her chosen language. Instead she gains a +2 circumstance bonus when making social checks versus NPCs from her region. Buck, an elf under the hood, whom should only speak Common and Elven receives a +1 circumstance bonus.)

Languages of Ruin

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