Loc   nilA tiny waste settlement built from the skeleton of an Old World quarry. Careful ingenuity and tireless labor has breathed new life into the old hardware. The Nillers survive by trading worked stone and filtered water drawn from their quarry’s depths during Pinkerton Detective and Caravan Service’s annual visit, and by not rejecting honest aid from anyone – be they Marked or Radio Freak. Meanwhile The Foreman ensures the people and water source are painstakingly kept provided for and protected.

Loc   nil watchtower
Nil Watchtowers: The Foreman of Nil ordered the construction and maintenance of several outposts between Nil and Rooster Field after the devastating assault of corrupted mechs on the small village.

Constantine’s Watchtower: Perched atop a plateu south of Nil, the watchtower is just one of several outposts mandated by The Foreman after the mech raids from Rooster Field. Constantine’s tower is considered unique for its proximity to the endangered zone and for its mysterious watchman.

Loc   rooster field
Rooster Field: Supposed source of the Nil mech raids, Rooster Field is an old oil field located south of Nil, and kept under constant surveillance by the Nil Foreman’s mandate.


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