Powers of Ruin

I once watched a man with nothing more than an old pistol face a squad of Abolitionists – and win! Bullets zinged around him, but he walked away without a scratch. I knew a young kid, green as grass, who huddled in the sun for days just to snipe a raider. The sun baked down upon him, yet he endured, and when the raider came along, the boy pulled his trigger and walked away. There was a woman who took a blade full through the breast and survived to avenge herself. It’s like… Like some people are special. Like they’re touched. Touched by… Ruin.

~Elder Elijah

Level 1

Rapture: Dramatic Skill
The character rolls one skill check as if they were trained in that skill. Dramatic Skill cannot be applied to knowledge-type skills.

Ruin: Uncanny Defense
The character gains a +2 bonus to all defenses immediately upon being hit. The benefit lasts until the triggering attack is resolved.

Level 2

Rapture: Tenacious Hobbyist
The character gains a +2 bonus on their next skill check.

Ruin: Steel Threshold
The character resists up to 5/10/15 (respective by character level tier) damage inflicted by an attack.

Level 3

Rapture: Shrewd Negotiator
That character successfully negotiates for a more favorable price or superior ware when dealing with a merchant. The price and ware alterations are at the DM’s discretion.

Ruin: Pivotal Strike
The character receives a +2 bonus to their next attack roll.

Level 4

Rapture: Hardy Survivalist
The character automatically passes all Endurance checks pertaining to the present task, for up to the equivalent of three Endurance checks.

Ruin: Bolstered Resolve
The character may make an extra saving throw and use the result of either roll.

Level 5

Rapture: Frightful Respite
The character may take an extended rest without the use of R.E.M. and gain all the benefits of an extended rest, but will also be subjected to the horrifying visions of The Fright.

Ruin: Deep Breath
The character may heal HP as if they spent a healing surge.

House Rule
R&R ignores the typical RPG format of gaining experience to level, and instead the characters level up at times determined by the GM. In place of experience the characters gain Rapture & Ruin Points, and may spend them in or out of combat as they see fit. Each power costs respective to its tier, meaning that Tier One powers cost 1 R&R Point and Tier 3 powers cost 3 R&R Point. Characters may gain R&R Points at the GM’s discretion.

Powers of Ruin

Rapture & Ruin Thereal