Races of Ruin

Sorry? What? Oh, I was distracted by that woman – she was purple. Guess it shouldn’t surprise me, with all I’ve seen. You know I once met a Defect that wanted to be Marked? Said it was alright to be a freak as long as you were feared. He sought out irradiated areas and just sat there for hours, hoping to mutate I guess. Eventually he just died – after his skin started peeling away. The corpse was disgusting, I tell you. Not like that purple woman – such a pretty color, and she was a looker – don’t even care if she was a Mutant. That’s Ruiners for you, the ugliest and prettiest, best and worst – and something new every day.

~Elder Elijah

Defected Humans
Marked Humans
Mechanized Humanoids
Mutated Humans
Radioactive Humans

House Rule
R&R only boasts four races and one sub-race. Humans, defected humans, mutated humans, and Marked Humans are the four races that may be selected almost freely by a player. The character’s statistics and racial features are determined by the race under the hood, while the character’s appearance and role within society is determined by their R&R race – which is a Skin. Any RPG race may be Skinned as any R&R race, except in the case of non-medium sized races whom cannot be Skinned as humans. (Example: Buck is a half-orc under the hood, but plays the character with a human Skin. Meanwhile Becky plays a gnome under the hood and plays the character with a defected human Skin.) The radioactive human sub-race is reserved for characters that Skin their features and powers as psionic. (Example: Buck’s chooses to Skin his powers as psionic in nature, so therefore applies the radioactive human sub-race to his character.) RPG classes categorized as magic or psionics users are not necessarily forced to be radioactive humans – the sub-race must be chosen by the player and Skinned willingly.

Races of Ruin

Rapture & Ruin Thereal