Regions of Ruin

The Rapture didn’t erase us – or our place in the world. We’re like cockroaches, we find the little cracks to hide within until the exterminator has passed. Then we creep out, start anew, build again. It may not be what we had, and we’ll probably never again see the glowing wonders of the Old World. But we’ve got our hands, and time, and nothing short of total eradication will stop us from building a new world for ourselves – and even then, we might find a way.

~Elder Elijah

The Den
Fort Worth
New Richmond
The Vault
X-Co City

World Builder’s Adress
Ruin is designed to be an open world that affords freedom of creativity. The locations defined above are merely a skeletal structure to establish the distinct flavor of Ruin, and should not limit the contribution of new and exciting places.

Regions of Ruin

Rapture & Ruin Thereal