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GMs and Players:

Some of my current players have asked me why I chose to generate a completely new world with unique changes like Skins and Rapture & Ruin Points. The answer is fairly simple; I’ve become bored by Dungeons & Dragons, which I’ve been playing for a very long time, and I was playing Fallout New Vegas when I was asked to assemble a game for friends. My original intent was to put together a rough trail of settings and peoples only pertinent to the Beyond Nil campaign. But as I added more and more content and breathed new details into the places and factions of Ruin, the world began to take a compelling shape. Now it’s an ongoing project with no real end in sight.

Fortunately it’s not a closed project and I welcome any and everyone to share their ideas. If anyone at all has a thought for a new faction, place – settlement or wilderness – a new language or more appropriate replacement for a current language, a player race or sub-race that I’ve neglected, or advice regarding Powers of Ruin, they are welcome to PM me and share their thoughts. The spirit of Rapture & Ruin is generation through imagination, after all its very foundation is the Skin System.

Together we can create a setting where freedom tempered by responsibility affords the broadest spectrum of memorable characters and stories.


World Builder's Address

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